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simply AMAZING!

Radio - Antenna - License

Hams Get To Do Amazing Things

Earn your amateur radio license and the universe is your limit!

  1. CALLING SPACE STATION - Thousands of hams have made successful contact with austronauts and cosmonauts aboad the International Space Station. You can too! .
  2. EMAIL WITH NO INTERNET - No Internet at your house? No problem. You can still send and receive email using Winlink Express, which uses your ham radio to connect to one of hundreds of stations elsewhere that have Internet gateways interfaced with their transceivers..
  3. BALLOON LAUNCHES & RADIO - Many schools and ham radio clubs have learned to launch high altitude balloons similar to weather balloons. They can install "radio packages" on board so that they can track the balloon via ham radio, and can even use the balloon as a radio repeater in the sky. 
  4. BOUNCE SIGNALS OFF THE MOON! - Some hams really enjoy bouncing their signals off the moon to make long distance contacts with others here on Earth. The mode is called EME and it can be loads of fun. 
  5. MAKE YOUR VOICE CIRCLE THE GLOBE - With the right ham radio equipment and the proper time/frequency and with the good fortune from ole Sol (our sun), hams can talk with other hams in far off lands. It is even possible for your signal to circle the globe!

Learn more about the many aspects of ham radio and how to get on the right path to earning your own FCC-issued amateur radio license by visiting the national assocoation of amateur radio organization called the American Radio Relay League - ARRL.